10 Key takeaways from green hospital conference 2016

conference on Green Hospitals

conference on Green Hospitals

Conference name : conference on Green Hospitals
Date : 27th August 2016
Venue: Hotel Taj coromandel, Chennai

Hospital is the place where all day busy dealing with anxious patients,  green hospital is one of the way enhances patient recovery, motivate for employees and eco friendly for environment.

The one day conference discussed detailed on how to build green hospitals and change existing infrastructure to green.

10 key takeaway form green hospital conference

1.Dr J Radhakrishnan IAS , Inaugurated this conference and presented welcome notes,  In his passionated speech he mentioned about government initiatives like Tamilnadu government allotted 6000 Cr for healthcare in FY 16- 17 budget, in that 150 Cr for new hospitals include 2 tertiary hospitals.
Also he suggest green hospital concept should be patient centric , this will help to reduce the patient anxious during the stay of hospital.

2. Dr Chandrashekhar R , who have more then 35 years experience in hospital planning and designing presented  about the infrastructure and environmental engineering related to green hospital.
He explained about  importance of phase when building new hospital, like main building , emergency , utility area , garden and hostel etc.
Also he explained about phi & phio+ which are the new technology implementing in air purification.

3.Portable Isolation Chamber – Negative pressure Portable Isolation Chamber will help reduce infection control and environment friendly.
4.Copper reduce infection – Using copper will reduce the infection control only in necessary areas, now a days OT materials and walls are moving to copper coated, some of hospitals are using computer mouse in copper.

5. One of the green hospital way is to reducing noise, reducing environment and internal noises.


6. The Research Foundation of Hospital and Healthcare Administration (RFHHA) www.rfhha.org , doing research on green hospital. This website will be more helpful for healthcare professionals.

7. Hospital planning and infrastructure development need more engineers, this kind of specialization is good career choice for Architect, few Architect students attended this conference to understand better about green hospital.

8. Light management is another important aspect in green hospital, increasing natural light and same time reduce the temperature will helpful hospital environment as well as reduce cost.

9. Linking building with solar panel is good idea, reflection light will helpful to reduce natural light and save electricity, but disaster management in hospital aspect have to careful.

10. Finally Green hospital construction is not increase cost, actually its cost effective, proved by experienced hospital Architect.

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