About the Event

Health Insurance Summit 2017

Healthcare and health insurance plays a critical role in the life of people. Internet of
things (loT) and mobile technology are creating enormous opportunities for healthcare
providers and insurers to leverage on and provide better customer experience when ill.
More importnatly, this can encourage fitness and wellness while simultaneously improving
Insurers have a tremendous opportunity to reinvent their role in healthcare, from being a payer
to an active player, in meeting today's customer expectations and improving outcomes.
Today's environment calls for the Smart Health Provider and Health Insurer to 1. Provide
best -in-class insurance-related services 2. Promote prevention and wellness 3. Respond to
dynamic demand for better treatment services and health insurance covers. These
must work together to meet the challenge of rapidly rising healthcare needs,
and take action on moving to the new frontiers on big data, predictive analytics,
telemedicine, wearables and digital healthcare.
Health Insurance penetration is essential for access to quality healthcare by enhancing
affordability for the masses at large. Although Health Insurance has seen several positive
developments which are clearly reflected in the significant growth of the sector recently, it
needs to be scaled up even more rapidly, because it is a win-win-win for the consumer, the
provider and the Insurance Industry.
The road to achieve Universal Health Insurance coverage is long & needs 1. Rapidly
increasing consumer awareness and satisfaction 2.Quick and satisfactory claim settlement.
3. The need for standardisation of services provided 4. Having good rapport and
understanding between the Healthcare Providers and Health Insurers. There is a strong
need to make Health Insurance a viable business proposition through better coordination
between Healthcare Providers and Health Insurers.

The Health Insurance Summit 2017 at Bangalore is a unique platform and a trendsetter for
all stakeholders in the Healthcare and Insurance sphere to get together and discuss issues
and raise the value of constructive course of joint action in the area of Health Promotion
through better care and services by hospitals, insurers and TPAs. Industry experts will
examine trends and strategise for the future of better Insurer Services and interface between
hospitals, TPAs and Insurers.

We invite you to be a part of this mega event, which aims to promote knowledge and
understanding to meet the rapid rise of the Healthcare Industry in collaboration with
Health Insurance to finance healthcare and to make the experience of the patients that
need Healthcare hassle-free and positive.

Healthcare providers / hospitals
HR of Leading Companies providing Employee Benefits
General and Life Insurance Companies
Brokers, Bankers having Bancassurance Tie-Ups, Corporate Agents
Third Party Administrators
Government Health Authorities
Medical Institutions
Educational Institutions
Risk Managers and Technology Experts

11th October 2017, Wednesday

NIMHANS Convention Centre , Banglore

Mr. H.S.N. Rao Mob : 9448139836 E-mail : hsnrao21@gmail.com